home pension service center, and 26 lunch es were neatly put

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home pension service center, and 26 lunch es were neatly put

At 10:30 on the same day, the reporter saw that a white delivery truck with the sign of “Love Wheel Canteen” was parked in front of the restaurant of the home pension service center, and 26 lunches were neatly put into the incubator and carried to the delivery truck. This is the lunch of 26 elderly people who ordered meals in the Dongqiao town area. Originally, the old people had lunch in the restaurant, but now because of the epidemic, the service center has changed to deliver food to the door.

The reporter saw at the scene that the two drivers wearing protective clothing did not get out of the car, but directly parked the car at the door of the dining room, and more than a dozen incubators were moved from the car to the dining room by special personnel, with a seal affixed at the opening of each incubator, with the name and number of students of each class written on it, and the lunch of the corresponding class students inside.

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