of foot washing water and a towel , it can also

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Here, through the careful care of the deputy head teacher, our children are no longer the ignorant children who used to be called “mothers” when they dress and eat. The teachers taught them to wash, wash their underwear and socks, and teach them to fold the washed and dried towels neatly.

of foot washing water and a towel , it can also

3. Unify the plan of cleaning and disinfecting small towels, disinfect water cups and small towels once a day, guide and supervise caregivers to do a good job in cleaning and disinfection of small towels, and put small towels in a fixed place to facilitate access by young children.

two。 Towel hot compress soak the towel with hot water and apply it to the neck for two minutes. You can also open the pores after a hot bath and open the pores. This is very important. Oh,

No matter the size of the bathroom is large or small, the longer you live, the more things you have at home, and there always seems to be nowhere to put small things such as washings, towels, cleaning tools, and so on. How much less storage space do you always feel? Learn about these 5 super-practical decoration skills. The toilet can be twice as big as the storage space for decoration.

of foot washing water and a towel , it can also

Once the baguettes have proved, remove the tea towel and carefully transfer the tray into the preheated oven. To achieve a crispy crust, spritz some water into the oven just before closing the door.

— students actively carry out the campaign of “neighborhood Love and civilized Holiday” and actively carry out activities to help the poor. Care for and help the lonely elderly, the disabled and other vulnerable groups around them. To be a civilized propagandist for setting off fireworks and firecrackers, take the initiative to do voluntary cleaning for the neighborhood, and strive to cultivate the good habit of “doing things by yourself, helping with things at home, and competing to do things in the community”. And recorded in the form of a civilization diary. Take the time to communicate more with parents. At home, we are the younger generation, and we seldom show filial piety to our parents. Now we finally have time to help our parents do some housework as much as they can and do their best filial piety for their parents. Even if it is to serve a cup of hot tea, a basin of foot washing water and a towel, it can also make them smile with relief and cultivate the good quality of our love of labor.

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