their mouths and noses with wet towel s, quickly and orderly

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At this time, you will find that the whole towel will take on a new look, and the smell left on the towel will be quickly removed. This kind of washed towel is clean and healthy to use.

their mouths and noses with wet towel s, quickly and orderly

(2) to formulate one-day work rules and environmental hygiene system for caregivers. Supervise and urge caregivers to do a good job in disinfecting tableware, towels and other utensils and articles for children, conscientiously do a good job in environmental hygiene in kindergartens, keep indoor and outdoor air circulation and the environment clean, clean once a month, and conduct an environmental hygiene assessment once a month.

First of all, we should choose a more formal swimming pool. Regular swimming pools will require swimmers to provide physical examination certificates, and the monitoring of pool water is also relatively strict. In addition, it is best to wear goggles when swimming to avoid direct contact between eyes and pool water to prevent infection as much as possible. After swimming, do not use public towels, handkerchiefs and other contact eyes, you can order a few drops of anti-bacterial or anti-viral eye drops, which can play a better preventive effect.

Home isolation personnel should take temperature measurement and self-health monitoring once a day in the morning and evening, do not share towels, tableware, water cups, toothpaste, toothpaste and other daily necessities with other members of the family, and use tableware alone. Tableware should be cleaned and disinfected after use, and articles contaminated by saliva and sputum should be disinfected at any time. Once there are suspicious symptoms such as fever, antigen self-test or nucleic acid test shall be carried out as required, and after being confirmed as infected, it shall be managed in accordance with the infected person.

their mouths and noses with wet towel s, quickly and orderly

two。 Garbage can be reused. It mainly includes glass, plastic products, scrap metal, waste household appliances, reusable waste paper, waste cloth and so on. Waste paper mainly includes newspapers, books, packaging paper, etc.; plastic products mainly include plastic bags, plastic pots, plastic toys, etc.; glass mainly includes glass bottles, broken glass pieces, etc.; metal mainly includes cans, cans, waste iron wire, waste metal farm tools, etc.; cloth is mainly used clothing, old towels and so on.

Among them, in the emergency response and escape method learning link, but also carried out on-site simulation drills. 16:00, with bursts of fire alarms, activity commanders rushed to the designated position to organize the safe escape of workers. After the “fire” broke out, the workers covered their mouths and noses with wet towels, quickly and orderly evacuated the office building in two ways, and all arrived at the designated place safely. After the evacuation was completed, the fire team scouted and counted the number of people. After confirming that no one was trapped, the commander-in-chief immediately issued an order to put out the fire. In the simulated fire scene, the instructor explained in detail the use of fire extinguishers and demonstrated the use of dry powder fire extinguishers to stop the fire from spreading.

Grease a bowl with olive oil and place the kneaded dough inside. Cover the bowl with a clean kitchen towel and let it rise in a warm spot for about an hour or until it has doubled in size. Patience is key here!

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