soaked water, wrap it in hot towel s for an hour,

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① dormitory with at least six beds, plenty of space for bookshelves, desks and decorations ② showers with six compartments, several towel racks, hand tables and mobile phones ③ each building should have toilets, at least five cubicles and three mobile phones ④ should have vending machines in each building, along with garbage cans and ⑤, a large library for students to study, with desks and bookshelves in it. And reserve enough space, after which you need to place bookshelves related to specific courses ⑥ lounge for staff use ⑦ has at least one infirmary

Ages 4-5: make your own bed; prepare the table before meals (starting with helping parents pick up the dishes and slowly participate in setting the dishes); clear the table after meals and put the dirty dishes back in the kitchen; fold the washed and dried clothes (parents should teach their children how to fold different clothes correctly); prepare your clothes and shoes for the next day; hang up your finished towels and put your toothbrushes neatly.

soaked water, wrap it in hot towel s for an hour,

In the evening, I went to the bathroom to go to the toilet, washed my feet and hands, went back to my room and immediately put down my work plastic bag and work bag, and then cleaned my mobile phone with wet towels and charged it. Xixi, who is devout to study Buddhism, immediately opened Baidu to play the holy number of Nanwu Buddha on his mobile phone for a long time.

Traditional Chinese medicine hair dye is the best choice of natural hair dye. Hangzhou white chrysanthemum is a commonly used medicine, but its ingredient: amino acids have a strong discoloration effect, which is an indispensable ingredient for lightening hair. At the same time, Hangzhou white chrysanthemum contains inulin, flavonoids and a variety of hormones to wash the face with warm water or cold water (the face turns red when hot as expected. Is it hormone face?) Jia Nong vitamins can also play the role of hair care. Soak 50g Hangzhou white chrysanthemum in boiling water for 20 minutes, soak the hair with soaked water, wrap it in hot towels for an hour, then rinse with water and stick to it for 3-5 days.

A lot of things were photographed, including daily paper towels, towels, toothpaste, etc., as well as snacks, potato chips, chestnuts, all kinds of fruits, and many kinds of fruits. After receiving the goods one after another, many people sent pictures to display in the group.

soaked water, wrap it in hot towel s for an hour,

3. If the towel is sticky, another technique is to put the towel in the hot water of the detergent, boil or iron it for 20 minutes, and then wash it while it is hot. Can also use 84 disinfectant 5, 6 yuan a bottle, take a little soak in water for 3 hours without dirt, and then in normal life and develop the good habit of washing towels.

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