disinfection work, wash towel s, cups, toys and other commonly

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4. High-pressure air gun toilet dredger: the pressure bottle is connected with a 40cm metal nozzle, first inject water into the blocked pipe to about 10cm from the pipe mouth, put the metal nozzle into the pipe, and wrap a wet towel around the pipe mouth to seal. Turn on the air pressure switch and you can dredge it.

8. Place the rolled dough onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, leaving enough space between each baguette. Cover them with a clean kitchen towel and let them rise for another 30-40 minutes.

Through the gradual understanding of the structure of the machine, the fire and rescue personnel decided to cut the noodle press. First of all, use a towel to cover the wrist of the trapped person to prevent secondary injury during cutting.

After the seats are cleaned up, the dashboard should also be straightened. As above, take out the filling jar and shake it, and spray the dashboard with maintenance liquid. (be careful not to spray the steering wheel, because it is an oily thing, it will be very slippery.) polish it with a towel after spraying, shining and piercing your eyes!

When a mother was feeding her son, the son wanted to grab the spoon and eat for himself. the mother who was eager to end the feeding said impatiently to eat quickly. I was so busy that you made a mess for me. While washing his face, the son wanted to grab the towels and wash himself. The mother washed his face with three handfuls and poured out the water. Similar plots often took place between parents and children. Parents completed the task in an efficient way, but gave up educational opportunities one by one.

As a care teacher, teacher X can strictly carry out all kinds of hygiene and disinfection work, wash towels, cups, toys and other commonly used items for children on time; ensure that children grow up healthily in a hygienic and comfortable environment; while doing a good job in their own work, can also take the initiative to cooperate with our teaching work, and put forward good suggestions for all kinds of work. Teacher X, can complete various teaching tasks in time, regardless of the division of work, everything rushed to the front, rushed to do it, regardless of the division of work. In the treatment of young children, there is always this love, a sense of responsibility, to young children, recognized by parents and colleagues. She also has a very enterprising learning spirit!

disinfection work, wash towel s, cups, toys and other commonly

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