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Third, pay attention to hand hygiene. All people who have come into contact with patients or their direct contact with the environment should pay attention to hand hygiene. Wash hands with soap and water, or alcoholic hand sanitizer, when your hands look dirty before and after cooking, before meals, after defecation, and at any time. After washing hands, it is best to dry with disposable paper towels or separate towels, and the towels should be changed in time after wetting. Disposable gloves and protective clothing (such as plastic aprons) should be used when oral or respiratory care and handling of human excreta such as feces and urine, and hands should be disinfected before and after taking off gloves.

12. At the end of the shift, finish all the work, leave a menu in the bar, lock the rest, turn off all the lights in front of the lead table, unplug the towel box, keep the area around the desk clean, summarize the reservation for the next meal and submit it to the kitchen.

Most warm lunch bags cannot be washed with a washing machine or dishwasher. Merchants usually recommend wiping the lining with mild detergent and wipes, and dry with paper towels after cleaning, do not zip up, and then expose to the air until completely dry. In order not to leave a strange smell in the lunch bag, it is best to clean it once or twice a week.

2. Young children should be emotionally stable and happy, and can take the initiative to say hello to teachers, elders and companions. Health education should go to the post in advance to change garden clothes, store personal belongings, open windows for ventilation, clean class hygiene, dissolve 84 solution with appropriate clean water, soak and wash towels and drinking cups.

The maintenance point is a very popular place where our flat-woven sunshade net is solved. The flat-woven sunshade net can be used all the year round, and now the flat-woven sunshade net on the Internet is generally used when the temperature is low in the north. First, where are the advantages of plain weaving sunshade net? 1. Anti-wrinkle and antifouling on towels is the golden section of towels, and its nutrients can be found on towels. Put the towel on the plate, stick it on the towel, and then stick it on the towel. when the dots of the two towels are pulled a few times, the towel can break off the surface of the towel and make a mold. This approach does not require technology.

In addition, there are towels, washbasins, slippers and other personal belongings. I believe that mothers must have prepared them, and I will no longer be verbose. Important documents such as pregnancy test manuals, mobile phones, bank cards, and medical insurance cards should also be properly put away by mothers. You can use bags of different colors and affix small labels to facilitate search.

1 Snow velvet series: it is a new type of fabric developed by GGT. It has fine texture, soft feel, not easy to shed hair, no pilling, no discoloration, and absorbs 3 times as much water as ordinary cotton towels. Its material is easy to dye, so it uses plant printing and dyeing technology, and its appearance is beautiful and the color is rich. It is the first best-selling product after entering the Chinese market.

So hydrating your hair should start from the root of your hair, so how do beauties hydrate your hair in life? In fact, the method is very simple, as long as the beauties prepare a wet towel, wet the towel wrapped around the head so that the lack of water scalp can get moisture, you can replenish hair hydration. Adhere to hydration, and through reasonable maintenance, the hair of beauties can become silky and beautiful.

“before the students returned to school, we carried out all-round disinfection of all the places on the campus to welcome the children back with a safer and warm appearance of the campus.” Liu Shaotao, vice principal of Xiqiao Experimental Primary School, said that the school is also equipped with “health bags” for every returning student, including spare masks, dry and wet paper towels, and hand sanitizer, reminding them to fully do a good job in personal protection and ensure personal hygiene and health.

Heat dissipation, warm towel wiping the body can not only replenish water but also dissipate heat, if it is necessary to send to the hospital, then in the hospital process, must not be wrapped like a zongzi, airtight, lest the baby blow more serious. The baby is already in the case of fever, the most important task is to dissipate heat, the package is too tight will be counterproductive.

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