gifts are more advanced, such as towel s, teacups and so

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The first step: first pour 200ml white vinegar into the basin, then put a towel in the basin and let the white vinegar soak the towel. Then put the towel dipped in white vinegar in the washing machine and press the dry button to dry the wet towel. In this way, the towel stained with white vinegar can kill the bacteria in the inner wall of the washing machine bucket, and the vinegar smell will evaporate completely when the washing machine is turned on for a period of time.

Keep your promise and give gifts to those who come, but the gifts are more advanced, such as towels, teacups and so on. And will tell the villagers who come to receive the prize: come on time tomorrow, there will be free things to send, limited to 100 people.

One of the most significant benefits of opting for bulk mesh beach totes is their spaciousness. These bags are specifically designed to offer ample room for all your beach necessities. From towels and sunscreen to water bottles and snacks, you can fit it all without worrying about space constraints. The wide-open design makes it easy to access and reach for your items, saving you precious time and effort. Furthermore, mesh beach totes usually come with multiple pockets and compartments, providing handy storage options for smaller essentials like keys, phones, and sunglasses.

1. With regard to stains, leather sofas of various colors, especially those of light color, will be covered with stains for a short time, and can be diluted with detergents such as detergent, dipping and soaking the surface of the dermis with towels, then use glass bottled “safe bleach” to wipe the dirt with towels, and finally wipe the surface of the sofa with water-soaked towels.

two。 Do not share daily necessities, such as towels, basins, slippers, etc., protect in the public swimming pool bathroom, make good use of your own slippers, do not use public ones, to prevent others from infecting yourself;

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